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Please email Dwayne at to accept or reject your role.  First read thru will be Sunday, August 1st at 3PM.  Also, when you accept your role, please give us your Facebook info so we can add you to the group, that is how we will communicate regarding all issues.  

Thanks to everyone who auditioned, there was so much talent on the kids level which made orphan hunting tough.


2021 Annie Cast List


Annie - Kreesee Maroney

Oliver Warbucks - Nicholas Long

Hannigan - Kimberly Gordan

Grace - Heather Phillips

Lilly - Sydney Wisdom

Rooster - Russell McAbe



Pepper - Reese Warren

July - Emily Calvert

Tessie - Kennedy Heetland

Duffy - Nikki Goodgion

Kate - Riley Salan

Molly - Maddie Graham


Lt Ward - Doug Marquardt

Apple Seller - Kelsey Morgan

Bert Healy - Mark Dudley

Bundles - Mark Dudley

President Roosevelt - TBA

Louis Howell - TBA

Stars to Be

   Allison Marshall

   Jenny Gordan

   Kelsey Morgan

Usherette - Ally Bruce



Drake - Jason Morgan

Mrs Greer - Erin Trammel

Mrs Pugh - Lainey Norman

Boylan Sisters - TBA

Cabinet Members - TBA

Hooverville Citizens/Ensemble

   Melissa Haro

   Eliana Haro

   Kelsey Morgan

   Jamie Morgan

   Brionna Word

   Allison Marshall

   Gendvieve Moyer

   Christian Morgan

   Selah Strickland

   Melissa Hansard

   Julia Fairchild

   Ally Bruce

   Jason Morgan

   Lainey Norman

   Erin Trammel

   Chloe Sokora

   Doug Marquardt


Additional Orphans

   Phebe Atkins

   Caroline Rorabaw

   Kara Wayland

   Maci Mcabe

   Riley Havins

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