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The Wichita Theatre costume shop will be opening for costume rentals October 14th- 31st.
We work by appointment only and require one week notice for custom costumes. We have three types of rentals this year which are explained below and include rentals for children in the first two options.

Option #1- “off the rack”
This year we are offering an “off the rack” Selection which Will be available for walk-ins Monday through Friday 11 AM to 5 PM.

Off the rack- no accessories-$15
These are costumes we have collected that can be pulled from the rack and worn as is, any accessories needed will need to be purchased by the customer. These are more Halloween shop costumes, superheroes, skeletons, Minnie mouse , unique pieces, so many more.

The Xtra - $35- 40
This is when you want to be a little “extra “ but not spend A lot.
These are costumes that are requested, that we put together and have a few accessories. Share your ideas and see what we can do!

The Custom -$50-60
These are custom requested, pulled and put together according to the customers wants and needs. This rental includes accessories and alterations if needed.

• no Disney princess costumes are rented due to using them exclusively in our princess parties. We can put together princess “inspired” costumes and have a couple of princess costumes we do have to rent.

• We also have several child size princess costumes.
Show we have costumes from: character sizes may be limited.

Beauty and the Beast
Tale of Two Cities (1700s)
renaissance (1400-1700)
Sister Act
Joseph /biblical
Little Women (early to mid 1800s)
Little Mermaid
Addams Family
Into the Woods
1920s - 1980s
Wizard of Oz
High School Musical
Jungle book
Snow White
101 Dalmations
Winnie the Pooh &friends
Alice in Wonderland
Mary Poppins
Peter Pan
Other costumes:
tunics for hippy or Beatles
Party wear
Uniforms most types

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