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Our History

The Wichita Theatre began its life as a spectacular Opera House built in 1908 and opened on December 21, 1908 to a sold out crowd to see "His Honor, The Mayor". The Wichita Falls Opera Company was formed in 1908 and took up residence in the newly built Wichita Falls Opera House. The first seven directors were C. W. Bean, N. Henderson, J. L. Jackson, Frank Kell, J. A. Kemp, W. M. McGregor, and T. R. T. Orth. The project was funded by public subscription and the new theatre for the opera house was deeded by J. A. Kemp and Anderson Bean. Following an extensive renovation, the theatre re-opened in 1939 as a state of the art movie theatre. Having come full circle, the theatre once again produces live musical entertainment on it's stage. Shadows of the original building remain today. If you know where to look, you might find the bricked in original opera house windows.

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