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Dwayne & Lisa Jackson


Having been at the helm of the Wichita Theatre for now 21 years, the Jacksons have shared their vision and passion for the live entertainment business while allowing the citizens of North Texas to have access to a wholesome family entertainment venue. The Jacksons are constantly pushing the envelope with production effects and advance staging concepts including the new Theatre180 concept implemented with Peter Pan in the summer '16.


Cheryl Jenkins

Costume Shop Director

Cheryl Jenkins is the costume assistant at the Wichita Theatre. Cheryl began by volunteering over 10 years ago as a costume assistant and concession helper. She became an employee 2 years later and thoroughly enjoys creating beautiful and fun costumes and then watching them come to life on stage. Cheryl, along with Lisa Jackson, have put the Wichita Theatre wardrobe department on the map and her commitment to quality for the last several years has been invaluable to the productions at the Wichita Theatre. She is married to Tommy and has three beautiful grown girls.


Chris Jackson

Operations Manager/Scenery Artist

Chris Jackson has been working around the theatre since he was in middle school. He started as a spotlight operator until he moved to the tech booth where he had a brief stint as the lighting operator before moving to his currently held position of sound engineer. Chris also works on stage building sets and on his computer creating digital art that is used in the Theatre180 digital scenery. He is always willing to whip out a paint brush when the show calls for it though. Chris is currently pursuing a fine arts degree with specialties in graphic design and drawing with a professional goal of being a concept artist for the gaming or movie industry.


Stephanie Medenwaldt

House Choreographer

Stephanie Medenwaldt is the House Choreographer for the Wichita Theatre, where she has been choreographing shows since Christmas of 2011. Stephanie has been training in dance since she was four years and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from the University of North Texas. She is the owner of Dance, Etc. Stephanie loves having the opportunity to work with so many actors at the theatre and enjoys bringing life to the stage through dance. Stephanie has a loving and supportive husband, Dan, a daughter, Everlee, and a son, Preston.


Casey Osborne

Digital Media and Creative Consultant

In 2003, Casey was invited by some friends to see Peter Pan at the Wichita Theatre. The minute he walked into the old art deco lobby, he was hooked and knew he wanted to be involved somehow. When the theatre became non-profit, Casey served as one of the first board members. Casey's first production experience at the theatre was running lights for Beauty and the Beast. Little did he know that an experiment in adding a looping video fire in the library fireplace would grow into something much bigger almost a decade later. Returning to Wichita Falls from the DFW area in 2012, Casey directs the set design and construction phases of each production as well as the Theatre 180 immersive digital scenery. 

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