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Welcome to The Wichita Theatre Academy of Performing Arts!


Our mission is to create a space where children of all ages can explore the greater world through the arts. We aspire to train all of our children to be succesful in both the arts and every future endeavor while inspiring in them a love for the arts and humanity. We truly believe that the arts provide a purpose and bring out the best in those who are lucky enough to be a part.

Fall Semester: Spring Semester:
October 21-December 5, February 3-March14

Registration now open!
Broadway Babies: Ages 6-8:
Wednesday: 4:15-5:15
Cost: $168/ semester

Rising Stars: Ages 9-11
Monday: 5:30- 6:30
Tuesday at 4:15-5:15
Cost: $168/ semester

Broadway Bound: Ages: 12-15
Monday: 4:15-5:15
Tuesday: 5:30-6:30
Cost: $168/ semester

We will add more classes as needed.

All age groups will learn the following skills appropriate to their age level.


Drama: An improvisational workshop designed to explore core acting skills, including: creating a character, activating needs, developing spontaneity and focus, and communicating effectively with others on stage. Students will be challenged to discover new ways of thinking, expressing themselves, and creating.


Auditioning: An intensive seminar designed to prepare students to perform monologues in an audition setting, this course focuses on developing confidence, rechanneling nervous energy into creative energy, and using the body and voice effectively to tell a story.  At the conclusion of the session, students use their monologues in a mock audition.


Stage Movement: Designed to increase the actor’s range of movement and physical expressiveness, this course incorporates elements of mime, dance, and improvisation, as well as training in relaxation and posture development, in order to maximize the potential of the body on stage.


Voice and Speech:  This course focuses on developing proper breath control, improving diction and projection, dialect, and maximizing the flexibility and range of the voice to give students the skills they need for clear, effective speech on stage.


Scene Study: An intensive exploration of scripted work, this course focuses on developing the actor’s rehearsal techniques. Showcase Performance: We will end the semester using all of the skills learned in a showcase performance.


*In addition to the above classes, students will be able to participate in a variety of special workshops both creative and technical led by guest artists.*




How do I register?

Click here to register!


When is payment due?
When you register your child you will pay a $50 non refundable registration fee. The remaining balance for the semester is due one week prior to the first class week.


What happens after I register my child?
After registration you will recieve an email confirming your child’s classes and any additional information that is
needed. We want to keep the classes to just the right size so that every child has equal oppurtunity to participate as well as have personal attention from the instructors. We have imposed a limit of 15 students per class with a minimum of 8 students per class. If you have any further questions about The Wichita Theatre Academy of the Performing Arts feel, free to contact  Summer Crain Children’s Education Director at

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